Be part of a great team, have fun, make a difference.

Our ValuesCapture

The CAFNEC Marine Response Team values the
collaborative, friendly, fun and inclusive environment
that has defined the team from its early beginnings.

We strive to be approachable, responsive and
community focused by engaging both members and
team supporters through compassion, enthusiasm,
honesty and optimism.

As a team we are interested in advocating for, and
participating in, innovative, science-based and
sustainable conservation initiatives.

What is the Marine Response Team?

tewOur fish, dolphins, dugongs, turtles and corals face a daunting range of threats but we can make a positive difference. The Marine Response Team will take proactive action to educate the public and decision makers and prevent threats. We will respond to existing threats by awareness raising, direct activities to protect and restore threatened habitat and facilitating community involvement in decision making.

We are hands on and seek to build a fun and dynamic team of like minded people who are prepared to give their time and help others to take action for our sea life.

Our model is to empower people to make positive change a reality. We facilitate leadership and action in a friendly, social and collaborative space where all members are valued and we support each other to achieve our goals. Regardless of your age, skills or background we will seek to find ways that your unique skill set can make the whole more than the sum of its parts.

All aspects of the team structure are able to evolve to meet team needs.


  • Achieve conservation outcomes for our marine environment. This means preventing threats, addressing existing threats and restoring damaged ecosystems/species.
  • Build an enduring team that has the capability to proactively address issues and react quickly to emerging threats.
  • Enjoy our activity, respect each other and learn about our environment, ourselves and others.


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