Boomerang Bag Stalls

Want to become a Boomerang Bag stall volunteer?


Boomerang Bags isn’t just about sewing, in fact sewing is just one part. The real impact occurs when Boomerang Bags volunteers hit the streets and distribute the bags to the public at stalls outside supermarkets and markets.

As a volunteer we ask you to give up some of your time to distribute bags and with each bag you give away you are having a conversation with the person not only about plastic bags but  about other plastics and waste more generally.

This is a powerful thing and it’s fun too! We organise regular stalls but also welcome your suggestions – perhaps you could commit to running one stall a month in your suburb?

To get more information head over to this page.


Best location(s) for you to hold a stall.
Please provide your month and day availabilities for 2018