Sponsors and partnerships

CAFNEC is a Non-Government Organisation. This means we have to rely on donations, grants and sponsorships to be able to provide the community with a means of environmental education, execute projects and events, and continue to advocate for what we believe in.

Support from local government has been necessary. The continued in kind support from Cairns Regional Council has been crucial to the success of the Drain Stencil Project. This in kind support has been through the supply of spray paint, safety equipment, additional stencils and promotion. The partnership with council has helped to emphasise the legitimacy of the project, and assisting uptake within the community.

We are also currently partnered with 3MPride. This partnership has arisen through the recent engagement with the three suburbs Manoora, Manunda, Mooroobool, where the Drain Stencil Project is to focus on in July 2017. 3MPride is a partnership that will emphasise and encourage community engagement towards an environmental goal, and help in promoting the suburbs as great places to live, work and visit.

CAFNEC has also been able to fund its projects with the aid of grant money and sponsorships. Seed funding from the Cairns Local Marine Advisory Committee, LMAC, was used to establish the basic frame of the project in order to run a pilot project before launch. A highly dedicated coordinator (volunteer) steered this process throughout the pilot and up until the point of project launch, which began in 2015.

In 2016, funding was received from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, GBRMPA, as a part of the Great Reef Clean-up, which has enabled the Drain Stencil Project to be expanded.

Additional financial support from RACQ Get Ready QLD was provided, which also enabled CAFNEC to conduct a very first suburb stencil intensive in Caravonica, and then a second focused suburb of 2016 in Yorkeys Knob.

It has been the combination of LMAC, GBRMPA, and Get Ready funding as well as the in-kind support from council that has allowed the project to grow by allowing CAFNEC to combine necessary resources with steady project coordination.

The Tables below are a summary of key events and milestones over the duration of the Drain Stencil Project and projections into 2016.




Would you like to become a sponsor?

As the project moves forward we continually seek more support. Recently in an attempt to identify more secure funding sources we have developed a business sponsorship package, available in the Sponsorship Proposal link below. We would like to encourage financial support from local business to help in the continuation of the stencilling of our streets, and the education of our community towards environmentally responsible behaviours.

Click here to download a copy of our Sponsorship Proposal



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