Your Suburb – Babinda (current suburb intensive)

This page is for you to keep up to date with which suburb is being Drain Stencilled. It will provide you with information as to the events that are occurring in the chosen suburb, along with ways you can be involved, and a map to show the drains that have and have not been stencilled. Within each suburb we hope that the stencilled messages on the drain inlets are a prompt for thought, reminding the community that your neighbourhood is connected directly to the sea. We also hope that by engaging in the process of stencilling, it will give you a sense of ownership and pride towards the suburb and community, and to become custodians to pass on the message to others.

The Marine Response Team completed drain stencilling in Manoora, September 2017, Mooroobool, February 2018 and Manunda, April 2018 as part of the 3 M suburb initiative have a look here to see how it went!

The next Drain Stencil Project suburb intensive is taking place in:


Your Events

There will be TWO MORE drain stencil events in your suburb.

Each event is free and welcome to absolutely anyone. You can attend one or you can attend all. There will be an initial meeting point for each event, from there we will divide into groups to spray paint the streets, and after there will be morning/afternoon tea provided.

Drain Stencilling will be coming to Babinda again this August 2018


Meeting at the Babinda Library

Saturday 18th August, 10am to 11am

Saturday 18th August, 1pm to 2pm


Ways you can be involved

If you would like to be involved in the stencilling of drains at one or all of the events in Babinda please register here. You will be part of a this suburb intensive, to help promote and educate your friends, family and neighbours.

Or if you would also like to become a part of the Marine Response Volunteer Team here at CAFNEC, who are the dedicated people who make these events happen, email so you can become a committed member of our CAFNEC community. You will provide your help towards this suburb intensive along with all those that follow.

Your Map

This map below shows you the drains that are in your suburb. The map is interactive, and allows changes to be made. Brown Markings indicate that the drains are yet to be stencilled, while Blue Markings indicate the drains have been stencilled.

NOTE: Drains must only be stencilled under the supervision of a trained CAFNEC Marine Team member.


Keep your eye on this webpage, the CAFNEC Marine Response Team page on Facebook, as well as posters and flyers that will begin to appear in your area.