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Volunteers make up a large part of the CAFNEC community and we welcome your request to help us to encourage environmentally responsible behaviour and promote environmental awareness. The Drain Stencil Project is run by the Marine Response Team volunteers. At CAFNEC we hope to provide you with a positive opportunity to get involved with the community, develop skills and be amongst like-minded people. The time you put into the projects and events is up to you, however, we like to maintain a reliable community to be able to continue to grow and build a stronger message. To join our group and help with the stencil project and other ocean conservation projects email getinvolved@marineteam.org.

Individuals and small groups

You are able to register your interest below on our website to join a stencil session. To keep up to date and find out more of what is going on LIKE our Facebook page.

School groups

Contact our stencil coordinator at stencilproject@marineteam.org to organise a stencilling session at or near your school. If you are interested in learning more about what happens at our school events, have a look at our Previous School Successes, and read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Contact our stencil coordinator at stencilproject@marineteam.org to further discuss the various levels of sponsorship. The terms of any formal sponsorship are negotiable. The following levels of sponsorship are indicative of possible arrangements.


The Cairns Drain Stencil Project has been made possible with the cooperation and support of the Cairns Regional Council and funding from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and RACQ Get Ready Queensland. The Cairns Drain Stencil Project Team wishes to thank those who have made this possible.



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