Distribution Plan and Launch 2017

Boomerang Bags Cairns Distribution Plan

So we’ve been sewing all year and approaching 600 bags – what now? After speaking to Boomerang Bags co-founder about the best way to begin distributing the bags. The plan is to have volunteers handing out bags one by one at dedicated stalls outside of supermarkets, at farmers markets, anywhere!

The reason for this is to achieve the greatest impact by having one-on-one conversations with people,”about waste, about sustainability and about community, empowering people to be part of the solutions”. This way, one bag equals one conversation, amplifying the message of each of our lovingly created bags. You can read the Boomerang Bag national distribution article here.

And so here we are! We’ve decided to distribute the Boomerang Bags at stalls in various places across Cairns, where the bags will be given for free with the choice to donate. New owners can then reuse the bags as they please or maybe even gift on to another.

Launch 2017

Official Boomerang Bags Cairns ‘roving’ launch

With our target number of 500 Boomerang Bags now far surpassed it is now time to bring the bags to our community. We want to throw Boomerang Bags right into the public realm, beginning our major distribution of bags, with a launch date set in December, where we will be in and around the CBD starting at Rusty’s Market.

So what will we do? We’re going to hit the streets of Cairns on Saturday 16th December roving with information and distributing the Boomerang Bags, and talking to our community about the issue of plastic bags person by person, bag by bag! We need as many people from Boomerang Bags Cairns as we can muster – are you available? We’ve got some beautiful aprons made by Carla as well as soon to be printed tshirts from the December sewing bee  and hopefully some sandwich boards to wear too! We’ll invite the media and get out there into the city to chat about waste and give out bags.

Can you help? We need you!

If you would like to volunteer at a Boomerang Bag Stall

Email boomerangbags@cafnec.org.au or call 07 4032 1746 to put your name down to help.