Getting Your School Involved

We’ve put together some FAQ’s for teachers interested in holding a stencilling session at their school. More additional questions or inquiries, contact 


Question 1: How many drains could be stencilled when you visit our School?

Answer 1: It depends on how many students there are and how many groups we can split into. As a general guide, with a group of 6-8, about 5-10 drains can be done within an hour. We can also stencil drains in surrounding streets and out the front of the school, however, 2 weeks notice is needed for Council approval.

Question 2.       What preparation is required of the area being stencilled?

Answer 2: Nothing specifically. If your school’s drain are quite stained, greasy or dirty we recommend your maintenance worker/s to pressure hose the concrete around the drains to make them clean. This will mean that the stencil will last longer. However, this isn’t mandatory as we have wire brushes to clean the drains on the day.

Question 3.  How much does it cost? 

Answer 3: The normal cost is $150 + GST for 15 students + $10 for every extra student, however this year we have received some funding from Conservation Volunteers Australia to cover these costs for a number of schools (on a first-come basis). Cost should not be a prohibitive factor in having us come in. 

Question 4:   Media coverage – Can local media be contacted to provide coverage of the event?  If they cannot attend, do you mind if I send photos to them for coverage?

Answer 4: Yes! We encourage this!

Question 5:  How many students can attend a stencilling event?

Answer 5: A class size is fine. We have 4 sets of stencils so if there was 30 students we could break into 3-4 groups of 5-10 students each. This is flexible. Also, we won’t charge for any adults/teachers taking part.  However,  each group needs to have a school supervisor, plus a Drain Stencil Project volunteer if heading off school grounds. Each drain can have at least 3 stencils placed around it, meaning that everyone gets a go and no one is left out.

Question 6:   How much time should we set aside for this event?

Answer 6: 1.5 – 2 hours. A presentation is given on the importance of keeping our waterways and oceans clean from rubbish, the issue of plastic in the ocean and connectivity of the storm water system to the ocean and flood mitigation. We can tailor this to the year level and any relevant classwork. Including a safety briefing this takes approximately 20 minutes then we head out and get spraying!

Question 7: What do the students need?

Answer 7: We provide all safety gear for students (hi-vis vest, glasses, gloves, mask) but require all students to have closed toe shoes and a hat.