Hear Our Stories

Hear Our Stories

This year we have decided to share our stories of how we are reducing our plastic waste this July. Read on to learn a little about us, and a little about some of the tricks we use!


Hi everyone! I’m Pablo.

I always buy local food from Rusty’s Market, using my own reusable bags and tupperware containers. I try to buy as little as possible from the major supermarkets, and tend to buy the other necessary products from bulk food stores such as the Source.


Alice and James

Hello from us again, Alice and James.

We had another amazing Plastic Free July win!

Our first completely plastic free Rusty’s shop! Our downfall has always been spinach as its tricky to find it without a zip lock bag. Lucky for us our home grown crop is going nuts with spinach and lettuce so we are now able to eliminate our last bit of plastic. Everything in our garden has either come from a community garden sale or by trading other produce we have grown (mainly lemons, anyone want lemons?). Not only are we caring for the environment but all of this produce, that feeds two people for a week, cost less than $20!!


Hey folks, I am Shayne.

I always make sure I carry non-plastic alternatives so that I am able to avoid using single-use plastic as much as possible. In my handbag I have ON-YA bags, an aluminium drink bottle, coffee mug, cutlery and a steel straw or two.

This month for Plastic Free July I have decided to go even further, and begin to replace some of my bathroom product. I have found this groovy little shampoo bar to now replace my plastic bottled shampoo and conditioner. It is amazing!



Hi all, my name is Alice.

For me, an important part of Plastic Free July is sharing my journey, with my non-ecowarrior friends, on how to avoid plastic is daily life. I was so excited when my friend asked me if I could make her some beeswax wraps to help her avoid using cling wrap. I did one better and taught her how to make her own. Not only did we get to have a fun crafty Sunday afternoon but by teaching her that skill, hopefully she can now pass it on to someone else!



Hi everyone, Matilda here!

This month, during Plastic Free July, I aimed to reduce my plastic at home but also on holiday, when on-the-go meals were common and I never really knew where my day would end up. Heading to Magnetic Island for the weekend, I made sure I packed all the essentials.

A straw and cultery set that fit into my purse went everywhere with me and came in handy many times.

I also packed a container (initally filled with snacks for the car trip to avoid plastic covered treats) and a coffee cup for when I needed a little pick me up on the road. A big refillable waterbottle was also super handy and provided cold water along the way.

I also have a reusable bag that folds up into a small pouch that sat at the bottom of my backpack and was a saviour for unplanned shopping trips.


Hey everybody!! My name is Priya.

This month, during Plastic Free July, to reduce my waste I have been trying to make more of my own snacks to avoid plastic packaging. One example is hummus, which I have been making by simply throwing ingredients into a blender and mixing them up.

My ingredients: lemon, garlic, tahini, chickpeas, salt and pepper

Homemade, so delicious and I know there are no extra nasties in my food. Plus I also save myself money.