How You Can Get Involved


How you can get involved!

Sewing Bees

We meet up the first Thursday of every month from 4.30 – 7.30pm to sew Boomerang Bags as a group. We sew, we chat, we drink tea and usually there’s cake too! Got a sewing machine? – definitely bring it along! Don’t have one or can’t sew? There’s plenty of other jobs and with the expertise present you can learn to sew too.

See here for more details and join the Facebook Group at ‘Boomerang Bags Cairns’

If you can’t sew don’t worry, there are plenty of other things to do: we will need to collect donated material from op shops, cut the material, print it with the Boomerang logo and much more!

Facebook Event: No Sewing Bees until FEBRUARY 2018

Sew at home

If you enjoy sewing and have a sewing machine at home, CAFNEC can provide you with Boomerang Bag Kits. These kits contain the fabric cut to create 5 Boomerang Bags, along with the instructions on how to make them. The kits allow you to do the work at home and help us create bags more quickly.  Once the bags have been completed by you, we ask that you return them upstairs of Cominos House, 27-29 Greenslopes Street, Cairns North.

Volunteer at stalls

Boomerang Bags isn’t just about sewing, in fact sewing is just one part. The real impact occurs when Boomerang Bags volunteers hit the streets and distribute the bags to the public at stalls outside supermarkets and markets.

As a volunteer we ask you to give up some of your time to distribute bags and with each bag you give away you are having a conversation with the person not only about plastic bags but about other plastics and waste more generally.

This is a powerful thing and it’s fun too! We organise regular stalls but also welcome your suggestions – perhaps you could commit to running one stall a month in your suburb?

We really need your help at stalls so head on over here!




If you would like to be a part of Boomerang Bags Cairns sign up below!