Plastic: It All Adds Up

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Plastic pollution in our oceans is reaching breaking point with plastic now estimated to out weigh fish.

The more you start to look for it, the more you start to realise – plastic is everywhere.

It can seem overwhelming to make a change. Where do we even begin???

The answer…

Right here. Today. Together. 

The actions we take as individuals and as a community together add up and can make a real difference to the plastic adding up in our oceans.

The Cafnec Marine Response Team are embarking on the ‘Plastic: It all adds up’ campaign to rally local support for a ban on plastic bags, the introduction of a container deposit scheme in Queensland and everyday measures to reduce our plastic footprint.

The Queensland government are currently considering introducing legislation to ban plastic bags and introduce a container deposit scheme. But we need to make sure that getting legislation to reduce plastic pollution remains high on the agenda for our politicians.

So what can you do? Take part in our community-led initiative “It All Adds Up” – register below to stay updated and be part of the solution to plastic pollution as we tackle the issues one by one. First up we’re doing Plastic Free July, and we want you to join us!

Plastics are choking our oceans. Be part of the solution.



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