Our Story So Far

Our Story So Far

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December 2017

Last Sunday we had our first official ‘hand out’ of Boomerang Bags at the Redlynch Markets! With great volunteers giving us a helping hand, we began our “one bag equals one conversation” dialogue with our Cairns community.
We had an AMAZING response, handing out over 25 bags that means more than 25 conversations! And we even saw 6 of our Boomerang Bag kits taken home.

Look how cute our stall set up is! We loved it.











November 2017

As it was coming up to the festive season our group of Boomerang Bag Volunteers thought it would be a great idea to make some Christmas patterned Boomerang Bags.

Check them out!


October 2017

Help help! Lou was buried in pillowcases donated to us from FNQ Wildlife Rescue. We aimed to make 140 bags with these 70 pillowcases.


It was an amazing month with over 50 Boomerang Bags being delivered at our doorstep at Cominos House! Well done everyone for your hard work and effort. We are inching that much closer.

September 2017

Our trip to Rusty’s Market on the 16th of September. The community came to have a look at all the hard work we have done, pick up a Boomerang Bag Kit, grab some produce bags or have a friendly chat to our amazing volunteers Lou, Samantha and Adele!



Look at everyone showing off the Boomerang Bags at Rustys!


350 Boomerang Bags had been made! We are ready to hit our half way target by the end of this month. We had plenty of bags to do and a new overlocker to help, as well as brand new faces helping us at the Sewing Bee. It was an evening of mingle and delicious fresh homemade scones with jam and cream made by Lou.

Thank you to the students at Gordonvale State High School who have been tie-dyeing plain recycled fabric for #BoomerangBagsCairns to make into funky bags!


August 2017

A big thank you to Cairns West State School who donated material to Boomerang Bags this month.









July 2017

Lots of things happened this month! 300 pockets with our awesome Cairns Logo were printed using the new screen print, giving not only the screen print but our volunteers a good workout.



143 handles were sewn ready for the Sewing Bee, this old sewing machine was brought along too to test our skills, and Carla made some wonderful Boomerang Bag Pin Cushions in true Boomerang style!


June 2017

Then in June we put together our own video!

With more helping hands both young and old, and with more bags being made each time we couldn’t help but show off our amazing Boomerang Bags Cairns Community!

May 2017

With more and more community engagement happening we saw Boomerang Bags really take a turn.

Check out this video put together by Lesley from ReGen Plastics!

More and more fabric was being donated, cut and arranged into Boomerang Bag Kits, and during our Sewing Bee there was a buzz in the air as we were all avidly discussing the new ABC Series The War On Waste.


April 2017

After a couple more sewing bees we actually started to see completed Boomerang Bags. Some of us were taking them to the streets to show them off and help promote what we were doing. “Wearing them LOUD AND PROUD” said Mathilde.

We also began taking them home, self-assigning Boomerang Bags homework.  Alice made 36 handles, 27 loops & 14 pockets ready to go for our next sewing bee! Our Boomerang Bags became a hobby, something we would take home and with that we began seeing more and more completed a lot faster.


April also saw more coverage for Boomerang Bags Cairns Chapter, with an article in the latest Oasis Magazine.



February 2017

The beginning of our Boomerang Bags Cairns Chapter started in the upstairs library of Cominos House with a small group of friends getting together to start off our count down of 1,000 bags. Our resources were slim and our knowledge afar, and with a lot of work in sight we decided to put together a HOW TO GUIDE to setting up a Boomerang Bag Community. The more hands the better!