Suburbs Stencilled Near You

Want to know which drains have been stencilled near you?

Have a look at this page to see where the Marine Response Team has been, and which Suburbs have come out to help us spread the message “this Drains to the Great Barrier Reef”.



September 2017





As part of a campaign in changing people’s perspective and attitudes to the three M suburbs – Manoora, Mooroobool and Manunda, CAFNEC’s Marine Response Team have partnered with 3MPride and PCYC Cairns West to bring the Drain Stencil Project to these areas. The project provides an activity to challenge the stigma of anti-social behaviour and crime that surround these suburbs by facilitating and providing the opportunity for interactions and connections to occur, and for people be aware of their environment, take ownership and be proud of where they live.

Before heading out to stencil the streets of these 3 M suburbs, we asked students from Trinity Bay State High School if they would like to be involved in the project, and become custodians of the message it imparts. Through an Drain Stencil Art Competition, students designed new stencils that were to be used during the on-ground stencilling. Read more about what happened here.

The Marine Response Team has just recently finished their involvement in the first M suburb – MANOORA, which took place throughout September. We had three events that occurred throughout Manoora, with over 30 participants and more than 60 drains spray painted. We are happy to say it was a great success! Our last stencilling session in the suburb concluded with a lovely barbecue, and family get-together at the Manoora Community Gardens. There was some light hearted discussions about what we all need to be doing to help reduce our waste, and what other opportunities we could create that would help bring more people from the community together to act towards environmental issues. We also noticed that people from the neighbouring streets were stopping by and having a look at the stencilled drains, curious as to what was going on.

With our first M suburb bringing together the community, with the streets now full of colour and flare from the stencils, and with children amazed at what they have achieved and what they can now tell all their friends, the Marine Response Team is ready to set off to the next suburb MOOROOBOOL to instil the same sense of pride and ownership.

Manoora Map

This map below shows you the drains that were stencilled in Manoora this September. Brown Markings indicate that the drains are yet to be stencilled, while Blue Markings indicate the drains that have been stencilled.


Photos of our time in Manoora